Mr. Toll of the Brothers Now Sounds Hopeful

CEO Robert Toll told Jim Cramer that he “definitely” sees things differently now and that about 80 percent of the nation is on its way back. He cited as evidence an increase over the past five weeks in “expressions of interest;” those are refundable deposits that start the home-buying process. The number of these deposits is better than any other time over the past year, he said. “Now last year stunk,” Toll acknowledged (ungrammatically). “But then again it sure feels good to be doing better rather than worse.” He added that the trend was “pretty much nationwide, except for a couple of markets that are still deader than doornails and probably will be for another year or two.”

You can watch the video here and compare with the predictions of other soothsayers in my newsletter.

Malcolm Carter
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Senior Vice President
Charles Rutenberg Realty
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New York, NY 10022
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