If you can’t stand the cold. . .

. . . Well, then, get out of the kitchen.  Or, at least get away from the refrigerator.

All a refrigerator does is keep food cold.  Just as a stove does nothing but make food hot (but that’s for another time).  Yet many consumers believe that not any refrigerator will do: It’s a Sub-Zero that that sends chills up the spines of potential buyers.  That is akin to asking for Armani, pining for a penthouse and going bonkers for Burgundy wine.

Those things are trendy, they’re expensive and they’re enviable.

Why the Sub-Zero helps populate such a universe is open to a question that will be explored here and at much greater length in my newsletter Realty Digest, though the popularity of the brand assuredly is beyond doubt.  (You’ll also find in the Digest critiques of some of the properties that I’ve recently visited in “Out and About.”

The biggest drawback to built-in refrigerators is that they are very pricey and at the same time prone to repairs, says the Galt Internet guide. Some owners have said the icemaker is problematic and that the drawers don’t come out far enough. Other owners complain about leaks. Still other owners of a Sub-Zero are less temperate, if likely unrepresentative of all owners, in their comments.

The line between status and quality of style and operation is hard to draw. But it isn’t hard to find out which of the numerous available products keeps food cold best and most efficiently. Whether hard times suggest a rejection of the values that Sub-Zero represents is a matter yet to be resolved. But if the admiration and envy of your friends, family and neighbors is what you most want, then caveat emptor if you want your cottage cheese to be well-preserved.

Malcolm Carter
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Senior Vice President
Charles Rutenberg Realty
127 E. 56th Street
New York, NY 10022
M: 347-886-0248
F: 347-438-3201



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