Deutsche Bank keeps proving it’s no pollyanna

Deutsche Bank predicts a decline of 40.6% in New York area housing prices from the first quarter of 2009.  So goes a new post by the Wall Street Journal.

A slight improvement over the 47.4% decline that the bank’s analysts had forecast in March, the latest prediction partly reflects a decrease in prices since then.  Continue reading

A new statistic predates the recession, gas prices

Outlying counties in metropolitan statistical areas grew faster than central counties between 2000 and 2007, according to a Census Bureau report released today.  These outlying counties saw their population increase 13 percent, compared with an 8 percent increase for the central counties of metro areas.  Metro area central and outlying counties both grew faster than the remainder of the nation

More than 80 percent, or 252 million, of the nation’s population live in metro areas. About 92 percent of these people live in central counties.

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That salesperson in the office of a new condominium could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

moneySo you think that fashion-forward receptionist, trimly turned out salesperson or fastidiously manicured manger in the sales office of a new development works for the developer?

Well, maybe not.

Those individuals may well be, in effect, bankers, according to a recent report in one of the real estate publications. Continue reading