So you think you can protect yourself from the flu

Perhaps you’ve see photos like the one above showing the H1N1 (or Swine Flu) virus.  If not, certainly you’ve heard warnings about the necessity of washing hands frequently to avoid contracting the disease.

That’s good advice, to be sure, but I wonder how effective it is.  I began thinking about how many opportunities we have to contract H1N1 during the day and so decided to chronicle an actual, though not typical, day of mine.

The day in question was not typical in that I was able to complete several errands, despite the onrushing deadline to finish my e-newsletter, and I never ventured on a subway or bus. Moreover, I didn’t happen to snack on a slice of pizza, a cup of yogurt or a banana, exchanging germs on money, a spoon, paper plate or just the skin of the fruit.

Below you’ll find a chronicle–which doubtless omits numerous contagion opportunities and absolutely leaves out the times I washed my hands–of my mundane day.  Continue reading