Don’t wait for spring to clean out your closets

Sweet isnt she? The dog, not the bitch?

Sweet isn't she? The dog, not the bitch.

If you think your closets are overstuffed, if you’ve had to rent extra storage space, if you can’t find that chapeau that you well recall and if mushrooming clutter is your bane, you’ve got nothin’ on the folks listed by the New York Times in its blog recently.

I wrote about the list in my current e-newsletter, so you can skip this post if you saw it. But I’m adding some additional names below.

The brothers Homer and Langley Collyer, who died in their essentially impassable apartment complete with booby traps, spurred a new book by Ed Doctorow.  Its publication prompted the Times to come up with the list.

Among myriad New York City recluses, hermits, exiles and pack rats who resided in the city and identified by the Times were: Leona Helmsley; Nikola Tesla, who died in a hotel room surrounded by pet pigeons; Joe Franklin; Steve Ditko; William M. V. Kingsland, real name Melvyn Kohn; Yoshio Kishi; Patrice Moore, who was trapped for two days but survived after a bookcase and stacks of magazines and books collapsed in his cluttered Bronx apartment in 2003; Christina Copeman, whose skeletal remains had gone unnoticed from a year to 18 months; Carole Ann Cirone; Vycheslav Nekrasov; Charlotte Moss; and Bettina Grossman, who rarely left her Chelsea Hotel rooms for 30 years and had to sleep on a deck chair in the hallway.

Others on the list, named because of their reclusiveness, were J.D. Salinger, Greta Garbo, Thomas Pynchon, Winslow Homer and Bobby Fischer.

Excuse me, but I must finally see what’s on the top shelves of my closets.  And don’t even think of buzzing my apartment!

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