Well, sometimes size really does matter

Okay, I admit to having envy.

When I received enticing membership offers and noticed that Costco was opening in Manhattan’s East Harlem, I thought maybe this was the time I should surrender to my urge to splurge on big bargains on big boxes in big boxes. The amount of storage space in my apartment would not deter me, I decided

Yes, it's Costco in Manhattan. At last.

Dutifully, I punched in a reminder to be there on Nov. 12, when the store opened.  But I chickened out when came the day.

You see, I (happily) no longer own a car.  And schlepping to the store via bus, subway and foot would be a long and arduous journey to which I was unwilling to subject myself.  Never mind the question of how to return bearing loads of goods that either I don’t need or that certainly would spoil long before I could consume them.

Even if I had a vehicle, the store actually charges something like $5 an hour for the privilege of shopping in addition to its annual “membership” fees of $50 or $100.  And never mind what a taxi or Zipcar would cost.

Besides, the concept of using up a veritable vat of mayonnaise or barrel of burritos simply boggles my mind.  (My household numbers but two.)

All in all, I’d much prefer being immersed in a book and taking an express train to the Q train en route to Sheepshead Bay.  I found myself on my way there to what turned out to be a forgettable dinner a week ago and immediately managed to take a wrong turn after leaving the elevated subway station.

My instincts and perhaps some of my distant roots somehow unerringly led me to what was a wonderland for me: A sprawling supermarket brimming with all manner of ethnic (nationalistic?) prepared or packaged food identified with signs always in Russian and sometimes with English translations.

Passing up the fragrant smoked meats, the tempting platters of creamy hors d’oeuvres and the acres of frozen food, I settled on a big jar of black-raspberry jam, two loaves of bread, some cream cheese and, yes, some smoked fish.

Would you believe nova at $10 a pound?  It was good, very good, especially on that dense Russian bread.

Yes, Arnold, I’ll be b-a-a-c-k!

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