What in the world is this woman thinking?

What I really wonder about the woman on the left is whether she is thinking at all.

That’s because she has a way of regularly disrupting how I ease into the day by tuning in to the Today Show while digesting the New York Times and drinking my morning coffee.

It’s a miracle that I don’t spill the coffee when the real estate segment featuring that woman, Barbara Corcoran, who I think of as “Bobblehead,” invades my living room.  (Pay attention if you get a chance, and you’ll see what I mean by “Bobblehead,” though you’ll probably never forgive me for pointing out the reason.)

From listening to her over time, one might be forgiven for believing that no time is wrong to buy and no property is worth passing up.  Of course, you’d be wrong.

She may have made a fortune building up a real estate brokerage that she sold, but her boosterism leaves me wondering what, if anything, is going on between her ears.

On Tuesday, for example, Babs could hardly contain herself in describing the top 10 cities to find the best value.  With jewelry jangling, processed hair flying and unnaturally white teeth gleaming from ear to ear, that woman celebrated the jobs, schools and real estate prices of exciting cities such as South Bend, Akron, Topeka and Tempe.

She even touted Miami, where they still can barely give condos away and a nascent recovery may well prove to be ephemeral.  In all likelihood, she relies on the Case-Shiller indices for her pricing information, ignorant of the fact that the gauge does not take apartment sales into account.

Moreover, she seems oblivious to the equivocal prognostications of economists on the future health of the U.S. housing market.

Yes, Barbara, welcome to "up and coming" Trenton, N.J.

If her big wet kiss of Miami weren’t misguided enough, ol’ Bobblehead actually highlighted Trenton–which, she said, has “good and bad neighborhoods–” as, get this, “the next up and coming” place to live.

Maybe you’d like somewhat more useful information.  You’ll find it, not only in this blog, but in the biweekly e-newsletter that I write every other Friday and issue around noon.

But, hey, if all your heart ever desired was a three-bedroom Victorian house–a “cream puff” in a shameless and now nameless airhead’s words–set your sights on South Bend.  Chance are excellent that if you go there, you’ll have the benefit of never having to run into you know who.

As for me, I think I’ll stay put in my apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. From now on, I also plan to change channels when Bobblehead’s face pollutes my TV screen.

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