Riverdale’s Solaria plays “I’ve Got a Secret”

Looks nice. But does the sales office want to make a deal?

If you’ve been wondering how those Bronx apartments that were left unsold after November’s auction are doing, you won’t find out here.

I looked up the Solaria in the broker database (OLR) the other day and found it unchanged since, I think, before the auction was held.  The same 10 or 12 units are listed, and many more went begging for buyers following the event.

Although I know for a fact that the owners despise me for at least one of my three previous posts, which were factual, I figured I’d have nothing to lose by calling the contact number on the Web site and asking about available apartments.

A nice young woman who identified herself as a sales associate answered the phone, and I told her my name along with the fact that I was a broker.  I got no hint of recognition.  So I went on:

“I’ve looked at OLR and the Web site.  Are those the only available apartments?”

“I don’t handle that.  They do that from the main office.”

She said she’d give them my number.  I’m still waiting for a return call.

Curious, I asked a friend to call without identifying himself as a broker.  The woman who answered told him that “many” apartments were still available and directed him to the Web site.

Take a look at the site if you get a chance.  If you dig deep enough, you’ll find a handful of apartments, including a couple showing as permanently off the market in the broker database.  There is slim to no connection between the site and OLR.

When it comes to being straightforward and forthcoming, it seems that the folks selling Riverdale’s Solaria prefer to play “I’ve Got a Secret” when they should, instead, be playing “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Good luck finding out better information.  If you do, please let us all know what you learn.

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