I may have vowed that I would never, ever tweet

Don’t get me wrong: I still hate the idea.  But. . .

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that many of us local real estate bloggers read each other’s posts all the time and link to each other regularly even though many of us have never met or even spoken to each other.

So, I asked several bloggers who mostly concentrate on Manhattan and a couple of writers from the traditional news media whether they’d like to get together at long last.  Sure enough, they would.

A lunch dish from Kouzan on the Upper West Side.

The other night almost nine of us met for drinks (and, it turned out, dinner) at the commendable Kouzan restaurant near my apartment on the Upper West Side.  (Hey, I got to choose.)

Attending were folks from Curbed, Urban Diggs, Westside Independent, New York magazine, Habitat, the Wall Street Journal and Brick Underground.  Three others – the Real Deal TrueGotham and Matrix – couldn’t make it.

There conversation was so robust, seat changing so frequent, crosstalk so energetic and (dare I say, the sake so soothing ) that I have no hope of reporting what was said.  One reason is our agreement that everything would be off the record unless explicitly put on the record.

Still, I can tell you two of my takeaways:

  1. Most of us should have new photographs taken.  Teri Rogers of Brick Underground, who said mine was unrecognizable, suggested that maybe we could get together for a quantity discount.  That sounds good to me since I loathe the head shot I have been using for more than three years.
  2. Much as I dislike the banality of Twitter and think that its days are numbered, it obviously is incumbent on me to begin tweeting.  And so I will, but I will spare the world my random thoughts about what I am watching on television, what I am eating for breakfast and which celebrity I spotted.  I do plan to focus on real estate as @MalcolmBlogger.

Given how the three hours flew by and the volume of our conversation remained high, I’d say the gathering was a great success.  More important, given the spirited response to my question of whether it was worth doing again, I have no doubt that our in-person exchanges will continue for some time to come.

In fact, our next session will be in about eight weeks.   I can’t wait!

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