This broker does everything to number his days

A view of the apartment that the broker in this post is trying to sell.

In your imagination, please try to put the listing broker in the picture.

Young, dark and handsome, he is casually dressed, but not inappropriately so for such a neighborhood.  It is far west in Chelsea, and he’s holding an open house on a pleasant day nearly two weeks ago.

Now imagine him leaning a book on the counter of the pass-through, with his head bent to capture every written word. I ask him what he is reading and he mumbles something unintelligible.  I decide not to pursue the matter.

That’s pretty much all that my client and I saw of or heard from him while visiting the open house.  Though we hated to intrude on his activity, we did hazard to interrupt him with a routine question or two.  Only reluctantly did he lift his head to respond and then only to say he didn’t know the answer.

You doubtless can see how his attitude poisoned our impression of the place, listed for $525,000.  So, we fled the one-bedroom unit, which, in fact, might well have met my client’s purposes.

Unsurprisingly, instead of giving that co-op a moment’s serious consideration, my client actually did make an offer on a charming apartment.  That offer was ultimately accepted, and it was for a much higher price than planned.

No, I won’t name the offending agent (not, in truth, licensed as a broker) since that would be unethical.  But I can, with absolute certainty, assure you of this:  He won’t last long.

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Malcolm Carter
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Senior Vice President
Charles Rutenberg Realty
127 E. 56th Street
New York, NY 10022

M: 347-886-0248
F: 347-438-3201
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