What’s wrong with brokers anyway?

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BROKER WARS: Tales from the Front

If real estate brokers receive little respect, there is ample reason.  In this three-part series, I’ll provide examples that prove the point, explain what is required of brokers in New York now and suggest a solution.

It does not surprise me, and certainly won’t surprise you, that 30 percent of respondents in a Harris Interactive Poll said real estate agents and brokers deserved “hardly any prestige.”

Their assessment was exceeded by a couple of points only by the categories of actor and stockbroker.  As for having “very great prestige,” real estate agents and brokers were 23rd on the list, attaining a mere 5 percent—below farmer, union leader and accountant.

I have found myself blogging regularly about the unprofessional, rude, incompetent or unethical actions of other real estate practitioners.  Consider these examples (which you can find at greater length by following the links): Continue reading