Shiller isn’t sure about a double dip in housing

In an interview with the Motley Fool, Robert Shiller of Case-Shiller fame, weighs in on the state of the housing recovery.  It is, says the Yale economist, “hard to quote probability because people who do that rely on statistical analysis and past data.”  Here’s what else he disclosed: Continue reading

Co-op boards should learn how to save a tree

Flickr photo by dlancquaert

A client of mine is putting the finishing touches on his board application for a co-op in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The package is more involved than most in that it asks not only for his loan application and loan commitment letter but also the appraisal ordered by his banker.

Moreover, since the father of my client (who is just out of graduate school and about to start his first permanent job) is co-signing the mortgage loan, the application also requires yet another set of financial information and supporting documents.

That makes one big package, but I am not tearing our my hair at this point, Continue reading