Here’s your chance to bid on a Brooklyn property

Co-operative building at 160 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn.

The King’s County public administrator is auctioning off 17 properties with minimum bids ranging from $50,000 for vacant land to as much as $1.8 million for a townhouse.

The auction will take place on May 4 at 2 p.m. in State Supreme Court, 360 Adams Street.  But you have to be there by 12:45.

Inspection of the properties will be May 1 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and May 2 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

If you’ve read this far, you doubtless would like to know the properties and opening bids.  Here goes:

  • 432 Halsey St., $450,000
  • 199 Hancock St., $325,000
  • 961 Lorimer St., $620,000
  • 160 Columbia Heights, #5G, co-op, $490,000
  • 3101 Ocean Parkway, #7F, co-op, $170,000
  • 574 R0gers Ave/. $480,000
  • 1167 Halsey St., $330,000
  • 280 Hicks St., $1.8 million
  • 195 Willoughby Ave., #503, co-op, $200,000
  • 25 Oliver St., #2B, co-op, $180,000
  • 1035 E. 53rd St., $400,000
  • 7266 Royce Pl., condo, $230,000
  • 484 Greene Ave., $370,000
  • 258 E. 28th St., $395,000
  • 455 Van Buren St., $380,000
  • 1395 Carroll St., 760,000
  • Land at Versa Place, Shirley, NY 11967, $50,000

The last public administrator’s auction I attended was in Manhattan, and the buyers (in one instance, a single bidder) did very well.  So, it may well be worth going to the Brooklyn event if any of the properties might interest you.

195 Willoughby Ave. in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

You’ll need to take with you a certified or bank check of 10 percent of the opening bid payable either to you or to “Public Administrator of Kings County” as well as a blank check to pay the balance of the purchase price.

And if you’re concerned about buying a co-op and board approval, no need to worry.  The purchase will be subject to board approval, meaning that sale will be void and you’ll get your money back in the event of a turndown.

For additional details, check out the PDFs on the public administrator’s Web site, which, alas, has no photos or more information about the properties.

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