When you fall in love, don’t be dazzled by decor

Get to know a bit about your prospective neighbors before it's too late. (Photo by alistairas on Flickr.)

Seduced by sunlight, gripped by granite, deluded by décor?

It’s not enough to fall in love at first sight: Homebuyers need to date the co-op or condo of their dreams and dig deeper before they make one of the biggest purchases of their lives.

BrickUnderground’s Teri Karush Rogers asked me to suggest areas that buyers need to explore before they commit to a property that thrills them.  You may want to check out the entire list, so here, to whet your appetite, is just one of the questions that buyers need to ask themselves:

Q.  If the building is going condo, what is your impression of the renters who are staying on?

You’ll be running into them in elevators, laundry rooms and other common areas, and they may well irritate you for reasons that are best left to your imagination, with the understanding that someday you could be just like them.

Questions such as the one above may occur to you, but chances are slim that you haven’t thought of everything.

Although I frequently run into buyers who have innumerable questions, most of them good ones, there are some queries for which there are no certain answers.  This is one actual example: Will the sound of the elevator running keep me awake at night?

As I told that buyer, there is no such thing as purchasing an apartment with zero risk and absolutely assurance that no problems will arise.  Not everything is knowable.  I think he got it.

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