Who do you trust? Probably not me, right?

What kind of world would we have without trust?

If you are anything like the typical consumer, you very likely don’t believe what a real estate broker tells you.  Do you trust information from a broker on such matters as:

  • The square footage of an apartment in the event that the listing broker is rash enough to commit to a number, daring a subsequent lawsuit.
  • Ceiling height.
  • When any renovations were completed.
  • How much it will cost for any improvements you have in mind.
  • A board’s approach to potential buyers.
  • The seller’s flexibility on price.
  • What the market value is of the place you’d like to sell.
  • How much you can depend on the broker to be responsive and professional.
  • Whether other offers are expected, in already, accepted or almost in contract.
  • The perfect time to buy or sell.

Of course, you don’t trust a broker whom you don’t know pretty well.  Nor should you. Continue reading