Nothing sells like charm, especially if priced well

Not only do buyers glom onto glam in an apartment and long for light, but the charm of original details as varied as dentil molding and pocket doors may well appeal to many of them.

Pomander Walk

Although such characteristics often can’t hold a candle to the allure of a particularly lovely Manhattan block, the aura of an enclave such as ones that come to mind near Washington Square Park, on Murray Hill or on the Upper West Side can trump an ordinary block’s charm in the opinion of many buyers.

The attached homes in those areas generally have rooms of small proportions and carry assorted other burdens. But so powerful is the draw of their scale and ambiance that many buyers are happy to accept any tradeoffs necessitated by coveted Old World features in such enclaves.

So few are the properties and so infrequently do dwellings in a mews come on the market that open houses for them tend to be jammed.  That was the case recently for an open house on a rainy Sunday in what is known as Pomander Walk, which runs between 94th and 95th streets and West End Avenue and Broadway on the Upper West Side.

Passing through an iron gate below the stone arch there is like treading into the past and a garden of earthly delights.  Continue reading