Why I write what I write

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I am living proof that old journalists won’t even fade away.

Years after I left traditional journalism and went on to at least three other careers, I can’t seem to stop writing.  In fact, I am writing so much that I have developed a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unshackled from the restraints of editors and the necessity of charming sources, I am free to write what I want when I want – and write and write.

I produce two publications: my e-newsletter, Realty Digest, which I started in Washington, D.C. as a modest weekly exercise early in 2003, and this blog, which I launched with trepidation a year ago April.  Each of them has its own purpose, style and point of view, and both are focused on New York City, to which I returned in 2006.

The newsletter aims to distill dispassionately all the news of the preceding weeks that might be entertaining or useful to anyone who is buying or selling property, or anyone who has merely an uncommon interest in real estate.  Except for an occasionally sarcastic aside and the popular critiques that I write of unidentified properties, you won’t find any of my opinions in Realty Digest, available today and alternate Fridays.

Although this blog speaks for itself, of course I have to weigh in.

As anyone who follows my posts knows, this is where I get to express opinions that real estate brokers rarely make public.  With regard to the industry, my indignation at practices that I find rude, unprofessional or unethical provokes my unbridled commentary.

I also use the blog as an opportunity to discuss, among numerous topics, my impressions of the housing market, my views of economists and their predictions, auction news, industry developments, and advice for buyers and sellers.

It’s taxing, it’s fun and it’s my idea of value that I can add to what my readers need to know.

Now, if only there were more hours in the day. . .

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