Don’t believe everything you read, even my posts

The headline words “jump,” “rebound,” “normal” and “healing” have just surfaced about second-quarter reports for Manhattan released in the last 24 hours.

While it is true that the statistics don’t lie, they do represent a snapshot of history and they don’t reveal month-to-month changes.

I have observed the growing somnolence of the June market compared with April, Continue reading

To paraphrase Richard Nixon, ‘I am not a spy!’

Alan Chesterman, CEO

It is hardly a secret that many consumers think of us brokers as thieves, liars and assorted other unsavory characters. But spies?

Alas, it seems that we’ll have to contend with that false appellation as well, thanks to the arrest of 11 alleged Russian spies.

I’ve written before about the disgracefully low threshold for becoming a real estate agent.  Proof: 18 percent of the alleged spies, who apparently failed to compromise U.S. national security over the years, are said to have claimed careers in real estate.

Anna Chapman, not

One of the suspects, who goes by “Anna Chapman,” lists herself Continue reading