‘Realty Digest,’ my newsletter, is moving to this blog

Below, you’ll find three posts that normally would make up Realty Digest, the e-newsletter that I have been writing for seven and a half years.

Realty Digest has been a labor of love, but I came to recognize that it also was a challenge for readers to confront every two weeks.  Also, I have begun to see the newsletter as insufficiently timely.

Starting today and most Fridays from now on, you will be able to view its contents in altered format–a post with summaries of information intended primarily for New Yorkers (“The Big Apple,” below) plus, for everyone, a second post (“Weekly Roundup”) with linked headlines of general interest from a host of sources.  And in “Out and About,” you’ll find my frequently caustic, occasionally witty and always truthful reviews of the properties I visit during the week.

You can be sure to keep up with with virtually everything that is important to folks captivated by real estate if you bookmark or if you subscribe to this blog by e-mail or RSS. For even more up-to-date news, much of which won’t merit fuller treatment here, you may want to follow me on Twitter.

To the hundreds of faithful readers of Realty Digest, a hearty welcome to the blog!  And to everyone else, I hope you like the new posts.

Nothing else has changed: I’ll continue to blog my observations and opinions daily on subjects as varied as broker ethics, auction results and market trends.

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