1 Brooklyn, 14 Queens properties head to auction

208-43 30th Ave., Bayside

Eight apartments and seven houses “inherited” by the city, including one in Brooklyn, will be auctioned on Tuesday, Sept. 28, starting promptly at 11 a.m., according to Queens Public Administrator Lois M. Rosenblatt.

The most expensive of the properties is a single-family detached brick house with garage in Bayside, for which the upset price if $525,000.

Inspection of everything on the block is scheduled for Sept. 25 and 26 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Following are the properties to be auctioned:

    115-42 134th St., Jamaica

  • 87-20 175th St., #3G., Jamaica, co-op studio, estate of Annette DuBois, $42,000 minimum bid
  • 88-25 155th Ave., #5G, 1BR co-op, estate of Roderick Haggerty, $60,000
  • 52-15 65th Pl., #6D, 2BR co-op, estate of Ellis Jaffe, $120,000
  • 164-20 Highland Ave., #4V., Jamaica, co-op studio, estate of Vaines Lawson, $53,000
  • 88-12 151st Ave., #5G, Howard Beach, 1BR co-op, estate of Barbara Murray Fischer, $78,000
  • 31-68 38th St., Astoria

  • 48-26 44th St., #5G, Woodside, 2BR co-op, estate of Fred Rose, $191,000
  • 90-59 56th Ave., #7B, 1 BR co-op, Elmhurst, estate of Steven Suan, $128,000
  • 89-00 170th St., #12E, Jamaica, 1BR co-op, estate of Walter R. Williams, $45,000
  • 1018 E. 53rd St., Brooklyn, two-story attached brick, estate of Emogene Layne, $259,000
  • 146-15 South Road, Jamaica, two-story attached frame, estate of Mary A. Moore, $124,000
  • 89-09 97th St., Woodhaven, two-story detached frame, estate of Linda Raim, $158,000
  • 115-42 13th St., Jamaica, two-and-a-half-story detached frame, two-car garage, estate of Silas Ardeson, $240,000
  • 208-43 30th Ave., Bayside, estate of Dorothy Tunney Murphy, $525,000
  • 84-39 153rd Ave., #6L, Howard Beach, 2BR condo, estate of Barbara Murray Fischer, $189,000
  • 31-68 38th St., Astoria, four-story attached brick, estate of Eva Zacharaczuk, $503,000.

Terms of the sale are standard:

  • Certified or bank check equal to 10 percent of the upset price and payable to the bidder must be presented at the auction;
  • The deposit is not refundable if the winning bidder fails to meet the contract terms, though a co-op board rejection will void the contract and permit return of the funds;
  • The sale is to be all-cash, meaning any lending must be assured at the time of the closing;
  • Closing must be within 30 days of the auction

Complete terms and copies of the contract are available on the public administrator’s Web site. Even more information may be available by calling the administrator’s office at 718-520-3710.

If I can obtain the auction results by telephone, I’ll post them here.

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