Overpriced listings have no hope — except for brokers

Do you know brokers who would do anything to get a listing? (Flickr photo by andydoro)

When a property hits the market at a price that, because it is wildly hopeful, you have to wonder why the listing broker would take on a hopeless cause.

The answer is simply that the broker is full of hope, though not necessarily for a sale.

As explained by TheApple,Peeled.com, one of the blogs I follow, some brokers believe any listing at any price is worth taking. In brief, here are the reasons provided:

  • Building access
  • Buyers
  • Future decrease

“All of this is to say that you should avoid getting swept up by the loftiness of the price dangled in front of you and focus on the relationship, honesty and partnership you can develop between you and the broker with whom you choose to work,” the post advises sellers.

It is good advice.

Tomorrow: The Listing I Didn’t Get

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