City nets $3.377 million in Queens property auction

31-68 38th Street, Astoria

Although five properties found no bidders, the office of Queens Public Administrator Lois M. Rosenblatt, collected $3.777 million at its auction Tuesday of eight apartments and seven houses “inherited” by the city.

The former Astoria home of the late Eva Zacharaczuk topped the bids by far, going down for $1.41 million.

Following are the results, which Rosenblatt’s office reluctantly supplied, initially  and illogically maintaining that the information was not public:

  • 87-20 175th St., #3G., Jamaica, co-op studio, estate of Annette DuBois, $42,000 minimum bid. Unsold;
  • 88-25 155th Ave., #5G, 1BR co-op, estate of Roderick Haggerty, $60,000. Sold for $85,000;
  • 52-15 65th Pl., #6D, 2BR co-op, estate of Ellis Jaffe, $120,000. $135,0000;
  • 164-20 Highland Ave., #4V., Jamaica, co-op studio, estate of Vaines Lawson, $53,000. Unsold;
  • 88-12 151st Ave., #5G, Howard Beach, 1BR co-op, estate of Barbara Murray Fischer, $78,000. $78,000;
  • 48-26 44th St., #5G, Woodside, 2BR co-op, estate of Fred Rose, $191,000. Unsold;
  • 90-59 56th Ave., #7B, 1 BR co-op, Elmhurst, estate of Steven Suan, $128,000. $173,000;
  • 89-00 170th St., #12E, Jamaica, 1BR co-op, estate of Walter R. Williams, $45,000. $45,000;
  • 1018 E. 53rd St., Brooklyn, two-story attached brick, estate of Emogene Layne, $259,000. $277,000;
  • 146-15 South Road, Jamaica, two-story attached frame, estate of Mary A. Moore, $124,000. $215,000;
  • 89-09 97th St., Woodhaven, two-story detached frame, estate of Linda Raim, $158,000. $300,000;
  • 115-42 13th St., Jamaica, two-and-a-half-story detached frame, two-car garage, estate of Silas Ardeson, $240,000. Unsold;
  • 208-43 30th Ave., Bayside, estate of Dorothy Tunney Murphy, $525,000. $760,000;
  • 84-39 153rd Ave., #6L, Howard Beach, 2BR condo, estate of Barbara Murray Fischer, $189,000. Unsold;
  • 31-68 38th St., Astoria, four-story attached brick, estate of Eva Zacharaczuk, $503,000. $1.41 million.

No one could explain to me how what happened at a city auction in a public place attended by members of the public could not be disclosed.  But I finally got a call that the results were posted on Twitter, of all places.  And now you have them too.

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