One broker is too busy to sell her new listing


An apartment on the same floor as the listing mentioned below has a similar view.


She is an executive vice president of one of the city’s three biggest brokerages, a member of its “Producer’s Council,” “Platinum Circle” and “Gold Circle.” Let’s call her Lizzie (rhymes with busy).

I note her new listing for an apartment on the Upper West Side with an asking price that approaches $1.5 million and send it to my clients, who are interested enough to ask some questions.

Not being certain of the answers, I leave a message on Lizzie’s office phone late last week; no cell number is revealed in her listing or voice mail. There being no response in the next hour or so, I decide that sending an e-mail might be better.

Comes the response:

Can you pls email any questions.  I am on appointments.  Thx!

Well, all right.  Only mildly irritated, I take the time–of which she assumes I have an abundance–to write and send an e-mail:

1. Does the information remain correct that pets/dogs are permitted? They have a tiny one.

2.  What is the physical arrangement with the [adjoining club] e.g.

a.  Is there a separate entrance?  (I’m almost certain that’s the case.)

b.  Are any facilities shared?

3.  What is the rental percentage (though my clients are all cash)?  Rentals appear to be throughout the building (correct?)

Again, I appreciate your response on a busy day.  And if you can reply to the email address that goes to my BlackBerry (, that would be wonderful.  If not, that would be understandable.

(I made the request to respond to my other account because the one from which I must e-mail brokers from the OLR database that I have to use does not, by design, go to my BlackBerry: too much spam.)

Of course, she ignores my request.  At least she replied, saying this in its totality:

Don’t know current rental %.
Residents I believe get a discount at the Reebok.
I do believe pets are still allowed.

Okay, now I’m more than just a little irritated.  But I don’t reveal my state of mind in my next e-mail, which elicits no response:

That’s useful, but I wonder whether you have answers to my other questions, please.

The result was that I went out of my way–hey, it’s my job–to visit the building and obtain answers from the personnel there so I could get information to my clients on the same day that I was asked for them. They were pleased with what they learned and plan to visit the apartment this weekend.

Whether it still will be available, I don’t know and have no expectation that the listing broker–who skirts statutory requirements to serve her clients’ best interests–will have time to update the database should its status change.

After all, Lizzie’s very busy.

Update: In the end, she did have time to show the apartment on Oct. 10.  Lizzie was surprisingly pleasant, though my clients felt that she couldn’t wait to get on with the rest of her day as they departed.

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