The Bush townhouse mystery is solved–sort of

I received a telephone call just after 5 p.m. from someone I take to be a totally reliable source who is close to George H. Walker IV.  That individual asked not to be identified because it is not his place to speak for the guy.

But I do have confirmation that the Greenwich Village townhouse I wrote about earlier today (just below) belongs to Walker.  His wife’s name is Nancy, I was told.

Still, the name on the documents outside the house, which I now will identify as 6 E. 10th St., reads Nancy Bush.

My source professed to be at a loss to explain the last name.  I suppose it’s possible that I read the blacked out letters incorrectly, but I’m doubtful.

So, a bit of mystery remains.  I kinda like it that way.

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Which Bush takes root in a Village townhouse?

For an update, please read the later post above.

Ah, sweet mystery of life. . .

City records reveal the purchaser to be an LLC (Limited Liability Corp.) named after the address of the 1837 townhouse on an enviably charming street in Greenwich Village.  According to the deed, the sale price was $13.95 million in July of 2008.

Mail to the LLC is directed to George H. Walker IV at his residence in SoHo.  If his middle name isn’t Herbert, I’ll eat my next ballot.

In fact, an Internet search reveals that Continue reading