Which Bush takes root in a Village townhouse?

For an update, please read the later post above.

Ah, sweet mystery of life. . .

City records reveal the purchaser to be an LLC (Limited Liability Corp.) named after the address of the 1837 townhouse on an enviably charming street in Greenwich Village.  According to the deed, the sale price was $13.95 million in July of 2008.

Mail to the LLC is directed to George H. Walker IV at his residence in SoHo.  If his middle name isn’t Herbert, I’ll eat my next ballot.

In fact, an Internet search reveals that he is George W. Bush’s second cousin and that he became a Goldman Sachs partner at the age of 29.  At the time of Lehman Brothers collapse, he was an executive there as well.  Now, he is chairman and CEO of the Neuberger Berman investment management firm.

So far, not so interesting.

Nancy and you know who.

But permits posted outside the five-story, 6,655-sf Federal-style townhouse–which is undergoing a gut renovation after having been divided into 10 apartments–reveal a bit more.  It turns out that the addressee on two documents there have been blacked out.  But I was able to make out the name on one of them:

Nancy Bush.

One Nancy Bush on the Internet is a bestselling author.  If she happens to be the same person shown on the Bush family tree, she is the daughter of Nancy Bush Ellis, 84, of Boston, and grand-daughter of Prescott Bush Sr.  Preston, of course, is the late senator from Connecticut and the father of the 41st president of the United States.  In other words, she would be the niece of the first President Bush.

Mystery solved!

Not exactly.

I’m ruling out Nancy Bush Ellis because I can’t believe that an 84-year-old woman who has lived in Boston most of her life would engage in the more than two-year renovation of townhouse in New York.  Is there another Nancy Bush in the family? According to Wikipedia, yes!  Nancy and her late husband had three children, one of them named. . . Nancy.  Is it the Nancy who is a writer?


Writer Nancy Bush


What I have been unable to determine with any certainty is whether the Nancy Bush at the right is the same one as the daughter of Nancy Bush Ellis.  I don’t think so, but the Bush dynasty is extensive and the information is murky about the writer, whose books include Blind Spot and Unseen. According to her publisher’s Web site, she lives in Oregon.

It also is hard to comprehend why George Walker, 40 or 41 and the younger President Bush’s second cousin, would involve any Nancy in the approval process if the townhouse is for him.

As I was scanning the flock of permits outside, a man who said he was the project manager approached me, saying, “Can I help you?”  So I asked when the project might be completed, causing him to scurry away.

So, who is going to live in the townhouse, the address of which I am withholding in what probably is a vain attempt to protect the owner’s privacy?

Beats me.

But I have a suspicion that the new resident may well be the daughter of the Nancy Ellis in Boston.  Her neighbors in the Village will include cousin Barbara (Jenna’s twin sister).  Or maybe the occupants will be other members of the family whose perhaps limited resources or wealth or celebrity necessitate such subterfuge.

Which Bush grows in the Village? If you have a clue, please let me know.

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