The future of built-ins may prove to be limited

A.R.T. provides a cool, creative way to fill those empty shelves.

I came across a piece in the New York Times about e-readers the other day, and it reminded me of my intention to buy one after the holidays.

Aside from the likelihood that I’ll have a number of choices and the possibility that prices will decrease, one reason for waiting is that I want to finish my diminishing quantity of actual books.  There’s no point in wasting the money I’ve spent on them.

At the same time, one reason to purchase a Kindle or some such reader is that I rarely read books at home.  Instead, reading while laboring through 45 minutes of cardio at the gym and during subway rides makes the time go faster and more productively.  And trying to keep a book flat at the gym adds another unwanted exercise: wrestling.

Sitting in front on my computer now and looking to the right, I see a wall of bookshelves.  They won’t become completely bare, but the extra capacity I originally had installed is pointless.

Looking at them makes me wonder what is going to happen to all those bookcases and bookshelves that were purchased as free-standing or attached units in the 20th century.  How important will built-ins become?  How much money are manufacturers, vendors and contractors going to miss as e-readers begin to predominate?

Or, it happens that an architect friend of mine, Donald Rattner, has a business called A.R.T. (for “Art Rethought”) based on modular art that consumers contrive themselves as an expressive outlet that also enhances their homes. One example is “books” such as those shown here that communicate a clever sentiment. My blog is not about promoting anyone’s business, but Don’s would be an excellent way to fill those shelves, make you feel good and impress guests with your artistry.

Now that you’ve read this far, you may be thinking that not only do all roads lead to Rome but that all of my posts lead to real estate.

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