Every now and then, I’ll be taking the high road

Taking the high road is always the best course. (Flickr photo by sto11)

It was an idea that Ryan Slack of GreenPearl.com suggested to me, so blame him.

He thought I should develop a sub-brand called “The High Road” because of my frequent criticism of real estate brokerages and some of its brokers and agents in New York City.

I debated with myself whether it was an appropriate way to go, especially because I might well be perceived as even more arrogant than some may already consider me to be.  But I got over that notion.

Here’s why: When I criticize others, I don’t hold myself above them.  Nor do I identify or report them.

Instead, I air my reactions to them, merely pointing out how their behavior seems to conflict with established codes of ethics and, sometimes, the law.  I’m not saying that I’m better than they are, that I am judge and jury.  After all, I’ve made my own mistakes–honest mistakes, to be sure.

In fact, I often give others the benefit of the doubt–for example, calling a kitchenette a kitchen by evidently having failed to  stumble upon the definitions, which are meaningful and specific.  Of their ignorance, I have some tolerance; of their avarice, lack of professionalism, laziness or incompetence, I am unhesitatingly critical.

If  a client or customer should not put up with brokers who value their self-interest over their clients’ best interests, I decline to put up with them as well.

You won’t find posts labeled “The High Road” every day and likely not even every week, just when I become aware of actions that move me to record what has happened, whether good or bad.  In the last week or so, I’ve praised and identified honorable agents while also revealing (on Friday, in “Out and About”) how  one lied to me.

I hope you’ll gladly ride my elevated train toward a destination that places a premium on integrity, honesty and ethical behavior above making a sale at all costs.  First departure: Tomorrow.

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