Delta has a heap to learn about customer service

Notice what the old logo says: Book with confidence.

The only confidence I now have about Delta is how incompetent the airline is.

I have been trying since Sunday morning to book a replacement flight to Miami.  Not only has that proved impossible online, but it’s equally frustrating several other ways.

Try doing it online and all flights for the next two days  show as unavailable or the Web site says it cannot now help and to go back and try again. At one point, the site actually declared it was experiencing “turbulence,” and I should repeat my query “in a short while.”

I’ve had the same infuriating result for 27 hours as I write this post.

Other advice is to call Delta.  Tell me if you find the message as astonishing as do I:

Thank you for calling Delta.  Because of extreme weather conditions, we are unable to answer your call.  Please try again later.

Additional advice on the Web site is to call the local office.  After several clicks, I found the Manhattan office is at 140 E. 45th St.  But no phone number is provided.  Not anywhere.

I decided to try an online chat with someone dubbed “Fiona.”  She didn’t bother answering all my questions, said I had to go the Web site to make a change, didn’t have the local office’s number, and informed me that a ticket could be changed only if a seat were available.  Gee, I didn’t know that.  “Sorry,” she kept writing.

Sorry, indeed, is Delta.

Finally, I hauled myself out of bed early this morning, ventured through the snow and took two subway trains to the office, which shows on the site as being open at 8:30 a.m. Full of doubt, I nevertheless hoped for the chance to be first with a ticket agent.

Fat chance!

The office was closed!

I don’t blame Delta for the snow.  But, didn’t the airline know the blizzard was coming?  Couldn’t they have anticipated and prepared for customer demand?  And if I was able to reach to the local office with a minimum of difficulty, why couldn’t the employees who staff it do likewise–with or without a minimum of difficulty?

Shame on Delta!

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