Weekly Roundup: Housing stats muddy waters

Here’s your chance to catch up with news included to inform, enlighten and perhaps even entertain you. To read about The Big Apple, check out the other of today’s posts and look for Out and About early next week.

Brooklyn Heights brownstone apartment that a late pugilist, mayoral candidate, author owned is on the market

Fashion designer with an elastic view of her Greenwich Village home stretches its boundaries

Co-op board twice rejects buyer hopeful of acquiring Astor apartment

Selling his duplex for 10 percent below ask suggests he may not be the greatest at everything

‘I wuz robbed,” TV detective might well cry

All-Star third basemen puts tricked-out loft on the market

Apartment at the Dakota caught author’s eye

Russian billionaire’s girlfriend learns that diamonds aren’t a girl’s only friend

Housing construction remains near historic lows, but permit activity offers glimmer of hope and, unsurprisingly, economists vary in their assessments

While lagging a year ago, home resales enjoy a seasonal bounce from February and rise above 2008 and 2009 levels

Hitting seasonal trough, home prices drop to. . . 2003 levels

Appraisers complain that lenders are shortchanging them from what buyers pay

Rates reverse course in volatile environment

Fed wants lenders to provide mortgages based — get this novel approach — on ability to pay them back

Meanwhile, mortgages are denied for no good reason

Loan-application volume recovers, maybe because of increasing insurance costs for FHA mortgages

Wells Fargo takes aim at remaining 2,000 of the 4,500 mortgage employees previously announced to receive pink slips

So many different lapses can affect your credit score and thus ability to borrow or to borrow at a favorable rate

Hamptons sellers hardly drown in dollars

Obama acknowledges housing’s impact on economy, and it ain’t puny

Professor contends that multi-generation household can work well for boomers

Furniture that is sort of custom designed catches on with consumers

Crammed homes of downsizing retirees produces decreasing amounts of disposable income

Climbing monthly, index of residential remodeling now is 20 percent higher than a year earlier

Architects detail kitchen, bath trends

The good, the bad and the gnarly of natural-fiber rugs

Builder confidence ebbs again, stubbornly stuck in the pits

Lesser-reported (and equally flawed) indices than Case-Shiller provide comparative data on housing sales and prices

Housing starts this year should equal only number of new households

You can search for 20,000 New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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