The High Road: Kudos to Penny Crone, shame on other brokers who ignored prospective clients

(Flickr photo by dampbeebe)

When Jeff Kwong and Bob Moriarity were searching for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, they e-mailed “several” agents.

So reported the New York Times in its Sunday feature called “The Hunt” last weekend.

The only one to respond, the newspaper reports, was one Penny Crone, who eventually helped them land a place they like.

Good for her!

I wish I could say I was amazed by the paucity of replies, but there’s something disturbing about brokers who are longing for more business on the one hand and who don’t bother on the other hand to answer a cry for help. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

My guess is that the unresponsive brokers are some combination of lazy, technologically illiterate or fascinated only by buyers with millions to spend. To be fair, I suppose some of us, incredibly and unreasonably, are just too busy to be consider an unknown customer.

Perhaps other have been burned by “warm” inquiries that lead nowhere. (It happened to me in the last week, when a credible-sounding foreigner asked me to help me find a small pied-à-terre, for which I spent time searching, sending listings and checking one out before he vanished.)

Whatever the reason, though, there is simply no excuse for ignoring a request for real estate assistance.

We are in a service business, and our failure to provide our best possible service is one of too many reasons our reputation has been tarnished.

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