Weekly Roundup: Look for silver lining. More!

Here’s your chance to catch up with news included to inform, enlighten and perhaps even entertain you. To read about The Big Apple, check out the other of today’s posts and look for Out and About early next week.

Connecticut palace doesn’t suit owner of just a year

Late at night, he should encounter little traffic on the way to his new Hamptons home

Sale price of his duplex was good but not the greatest

Late director’s home in Pacific Palisades is on the market for $7.9 million

Year over year resales fall again, inventory climbs

What to make of those new existing-home sales anyway?

Shadow inventory continues to decline, remaining at five months’ supply

Prices for houses under Fannie and Freddie ceilings rose unexpectedly in April

Sales of new homes in May drift down again

Radar Logic index posts 5.1 percent decline in April from one year earlier

Well Fargo to halt reverse mortgages

Think twice before paying off mortgage early

Many homeowners are getting away with. . . foreclosure

Courts may reshape mortgage industry

With loan applications still sliding, mortgage volume sticks at 1997 levels

CEO of mortgage firm that closed with 2,000 employees gets three years for fraud

30-year fixed-rate mortgage is unchanged at 4.5 percent

Decidedly unfriendly lenders informs Facebook couple of their foreclosure

Three characteristics of a community indicate whether the housing market is on the rebound

The housing bust has left Pittsburgh, of all cities, unscathed

Brazilians storm Florida market

Housing’s clouds hold silver lining for buyers seeking reasonably priced homes

Owning a home becomes a fading dream for many Britons

Checking references is not always enough when choosing a contractor

Besides an oven, what makes a kitchen hot?

Homeowners need 20 basic tools

Writers in two magazines argue that there’s actually too little housing

Hispanic population could drive housing’s recovery, says trade association

Housing market will stabilize if number of distressed properties drops by 40 percent, Bernanke suggests at end of remarks

Expect housing’s recovery in 2012.  Or 2113.  Or 2114.

You can search for 20,000 New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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