The Big Apple: Tale of 2 districts, much more!

New York magazine takes a gander at both sides of the tracks

New York City is home to one of the wealthiest—and the most impoverished—congressional districts in the country, notes New York magazine.

Although NY 14, mostly Manhattan’s East Side, and NY 16, in the Bronx, are geographic neighbors, the two districts couldn’t be farther apart in many other ways.  The magazine explores the state of income inequality today as seen through perhaps its most glaring juxtaposition.

Appraisal industry is hurting

Those who have worked in the appraisal industry for years say the housing bust has permanently altered the profession.

Not only has the number of people working in the appraisal industry in Manhattan declined in the last few years, but those who remain have drastically shifted the kind of work they are doing.

There are currently only 332 appraisal industry professionals in Manhattan–including certified and licensed appraisers and appraisal assistants–down 26 percent from the peak of 447 in 2007, according to the New York Department of State.

Landlords now offer improvements instead of discounts

With the market bouncing back and renter incentives disappearing, Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: New mortgage caps irk sellers

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