The High Road: Broker shows his true colors

Part 2: In my previous post, I detail the questionable claims made by “Nathaniel,” the listing broker for a downtown property.

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Nathaniel, the listing broker who has been communicating directly with my buyer, causes me to doubt almost everything about him and what he says.  I decide it’s time to get to the bottom of his claims and send an e-mail:

When I look at the Streeteasy listing , I see that the building is a co-op.  Also, I see there that it is an HDFC income-limited building.  If both are up to date and therefore true, I wonder how my client would qualify on the one hand and not face an intrusive board approval process on the other.  The second related issue has to do with any board sublet and pied-à-terre policies, for which it would be useful to me to have the benefit of some elaboration on your part.

 Also, I was just a bit surprised to see that the sales were not listed in the OLR database.  Perhaps you could explain. 

 Finally, if you happen to have electronic copies of the financials, board application and other docs, we would love to have a look.

 Assuming my questions and your responses present no obstacles, would you be able to show the property Friday afternoon?

Here’s how the broker responds, exactly as written with the exception of identifying details:

Its a really lose COOP.

The building is still labeled HDFC but Continue reading