The High Road: Relationships fray

Part 3: The saga of “The worst broker ever” ends badly for all concerned.

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When it comes to guaranteeing the commission, Nathaniel cannot speak for his brokerage.  Moreover, the lack of specificity as to when the commission would be due is troubling.

With that in mind, I send the following e-mail on the Thursday before the purported open house:

I know you’ve emailed me about the commission previously. But I’d much appreciate it if your firm would fax or email signed confirmation that my firm will receive 2.5 percent of the sold price no later than settlement of the transaction for having produced a ready, willing and able buyer.  If the settlement does not occur because Seller breaches the contract, please also indicate that the commission will be due in that event as well no later than the settlement date in the contract.

Since my client plans to see the unit — regrettably in my absence — on Saturday, it is essential that I receive the confirmation  well before his appointment.

With no response in 24 hours, I decide a telephone call is required.  Continue reading