The High Road: 2 brokers cut from different cloth

I routinely e-mail the listing broker on a Monday asking whether he can show the $1.3 million condo on Wednesday.

There is no response until I telephone him many hours later.

“Oh,” says he, “I’ve been away from my computer, so didn’t get your e-mail.”

Already, as something of technophile who has depended on a BlackBerry since 2002, I’m worried what this broker will be like when I meet him.  At least, he nicely accommodated our schedule.

When I arrive in the lobby, on time, I see that my client whiling away minutes in one of the chairs.  She stands up, we greet each other and peer around the space in search of the other broker.

He spots us, rises and doesn’t bother to meet us half way.  He seems to be of a generation even older than mine, and his idea of a professional appearance is to wear Continue reading