Weekly Roundup: Brooke’s place takes a beating, mortgage rates jump, $1 million goes only so far

Because of city’s renters, state has lowest homeownership rate in the nation

Harlem attracts post-slump buyers

Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue duplex goes for half its 2008 asking price

Wall Street jobs cut since 2008 could total 32,000 by end of next year

Landlords trim concessions in Q3, effectively raising rents

Even with sales slowing, 3Q prices of new condos rise 4% in Manhattan and 3% in Brooklyn

Governor’s wife selling their home on their own behalf

Actor lists his vantage point in Montana for $14 million to surf in Hawaii

What $1 million buys in the nation’s most expensive zip codes

Better than expected employment report causes rates to jump by 0.2 percent

Being a refi junkie could cost you in the end

New foreclosures dip from August to September to level of previous months

And foreclosure filings slide 34 percent in Q3 from a year earlier, though lenders may pick up pace

Lending may fall 25 percent to lowest level in years in 2012

Purchase and refinance applications rise a bit over 1 percent week to week

Forbes lists top 25 suburbs where retirees can have the best of two worlds

There’s a sentimental side to homeownership, says Realty Times

Follow five pointers for improving your apartment before putting it on the market

And maximize your home’s appraisal by taking into account the Wall Street Journal’s 10 tips

Compared with other the world’s cities, Manhattan is ‘laughably cheap’

Real estate agent is listed among 12 most overrated careers

Making your home gadget-friendly isn’t only about installing a wireless router

Pale rooms are having a moment

Times’ toilet talk is pretty funny regarding high-end fixture

Eco-consumers face realty check

Now you can gamble not only the value of your own home but everyone else’s as well

Don’t overdo bathroom renovation before selling your apartment

Consumers surveyed in September expect 1.1 percent decline in home prices over the next year, much more pessimistic than just a month earlier

Fannie Mae parses full extent of the last decade’s precipitous drop in homeownership

City with highest average credit score is. . . Wausau, Wis., and the lowest. . . Harlingen, Tex.

Four out of five New Yorkers are high on their Big Apple

Definitive bottom will not occur until 2012 ‘at the earliest’

You can search for 20,000 New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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