The High Road: Me and my shadow are plenty

And THIS is my frisbee. (Flickr photo by Grozz)

You find them everywhere, salespersons in boutique clothing stores, in auto showrooms and, of course, in properties looking for buyers.

When it comes to real estate, they may represent either buyer or seller.  But the biggest offenders are those on the listing side.

They trail you like dogs hungry for the treats in your hand, eager to point out everything about the apartment or townhouse that’s good and hopeful to distract you from any defects.

“This,” they might say triumphantly, “is the kitchen.”  And so on with every room.

Not only do few of us like being watched anxiously for any sign of opprobrium or concern, but most of just don’t like being watched for anything.

Nor do we like being taken for idiots:

“Oh, I see, this room has a stove, a sink and refrigerator — it must be the kitchen!”

May I have my treat now?  Please.

Let me add that there are among us brokers those who actually are helpful, as in:

“Did you notice the Bosch washer and dryer behind that door?”

“You’ll find a huge walk-in closet just to the left.”

“Perhaps you missed the restored crown molding in the den.”

Even when politely brushed off, there are those brokers who are determined to shadow us like detectives in pursuit of axe murderers.  They are hard to ignore, hard to shake off and hard to endure.

How insecure, insensitive or both must they be.

Would “just browsing” keep them at bay?  Doubtful.

Tomorrow: Roundup of new you won’t want to miss

To take your own bite out of the Big Apple, start your search for a new home here.

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