Weekly Roundup: Rates near bottom, wealthy foreigners buoy market, steam showers are hot

We top another list, not that there’s anything good about that

A plague of boarded-up buildings visits East Harlem, which brims with new condos as well

How do co-op, condo monthly costs compare?

There are 14 ways for a co-op board to reject you even before an interview

With your truly horrible story about renting, Curbed could pay your rent for a month

Global buyers of super-luxury residences show us the money

Among the 10 most expensive distressed properties in the Hamptons is one listed at $9.45 million

Manhattan jury convicts 70-year-old lawyer of bank fraud, money laundering in scheme involving Westchester real estate

In housing court, Faye’s a no-say and must pay with no delay

October’s 2.8 percent decrease marks 13th straight month of lower prices from year to year

They’re buying high and selling much higher in Beverly Hills

First-timers seem undeterred by housing market’s vagaries, lenders’ strictures

Single mothers make up biggest growth in rental market during last decade

California cities dominate list of greatest price declines over a year, and it’s Florida for price increases

Rates plunge again, to 4.0 percent, nearing record

5 reasons near-record low rates are out of reach for some borrowers

Serious loan delinquencies in September slow from a year earlier

Boosted by buyers, loan activity ticks up 0.2 percent

Four common aspects of a loan application can trigger a fraud investigation

Consider bank-owned properties if buying a foreclosure for the first time and 4 other tips

Steam showers in, formal dining rooms out across the nation

Self-interested site reports that sellers increasingly opt for auction

Cuba revolutionizes real estate, suddenly allowing the sale and purchase of property with few restrictions

Picking the right architect for renovations starts with referrals, ends with candor

Hang it all around windows

A little technology goes a long way toward improving your home office

SmartMoney explains the conflicting numbers in housing reports

Proportion of young adults living in parents’ home grows substantially

Number of Americans living in impoverished neighborhoods jumps 33 percent since 2000

Census Bureau figures show that homeownership rate is up or down

Glut of foreclosed homes threatens to deepen the housing slump

Experts pin hopes for housing’s recovery on foreign buyers

You can search for 20,000 New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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