The High Road: Arrogance and sloth don’t mix

This sloth has three toes; the broker whose listing I wanted to show has 10, presumably. (Photo via National Geographic)

My buyer wanted to see several apartments in a large complex on a Saturday.

The first listing broker I reached readily agreed to the 3:45 slot I requested. When I had to make a last-minute change late that Saturday morning, she didn’t hesitate to accommodate us.

That’s the way it is supposed to work when you are representing the best interests of your clients, the possibly desperate owner of a property on the market.

I also tried to show three other apartments, studios listed in the $400s in Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen.  After I e-mailed the listing broker, he wrote back, misspelling my name:

Hello Malcom,

Very sorry but I have no access on Saturday.

Let me know if a weekday works.

Thank you,

It happens that a weekday rarely works for my client, an investor and a physician who is frequently on call when she isn’t on her usual demanding schedule.  So, I tried again:

Not for all three apartments?

I’m sure agree that the odds of three sellers in the same complex denying access on the same day are pretty slim.  So I checked, and wouldn’t ya know he had six open houses set for the next day. But he replied as follows:

No access on Saturday to any of the three apartments. Sorry.

Call me cynical, but I’d say that listing broker needs to brush up on his statutory responsibilities.

Tomorrow: Afternoon post on city’s auction

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