Weekly Roundup: Supply slips, optimism grows

What is it worth to you to get high?

Foreclosures cast a lengthening shadow over state’s housing market

Sales up, prices down in the Hamptons

Resurgence of interest in lower-priced properties may signal suburbs’ recovery

Sales of apartment buildings in 2011 exceeds 2010 by 33 percent

Developers’ eyes to drift increasingly from Manhattan to Brooklyn in search of more space

Q4 prices, supply fall in Brooklyn from 2010 level as sales and days on market grow

Institutional buildings converted to condos bow to market forces

He sees many fewer millions than originally in the sale of his Tribeca penthouse

Felonious former football star faces foreclosure on Dade county home

She sells SoHo apartment not so suddenly

Village townhouse bought by Malcolm Forbes finally finds buyer

Singer takes a bath in Hawaii

Housing inventory plunges at end of 2011to five-year low

New-home construction declines in December

At 3.88 percent, rates establish new low

Lenders revive reverse-mortgage business

Purchase activity remains at 1997 levels

Loan delinquency rates drops from prior December

Loan originations down 20 percent at four biggest banks

Codger communities try to oust children, even abused ones

Job prospects for young adults stifle housing’s recovery

Balance shifts between renting and buying

Foreigners snap Swiss properties

When it comes to dirty upholstery, rent a machine or a pro

Asserting you are what you sleep on, designer pushes, uh, lace

Indoor trees bring ‘bold, tonal and soulful” elements into rooms

Let the home fires burn

When renting storage space, expect to need more over time and other advice

To soundproof your apartment, start by adding another wall to create dead space

Apps can help do-it-yourselfers

Still depressed, builders’ report slight gain in confidence

Remodeling index in November is a third higher than one year earlier

Moody’s Analytics forecasts big jump in sales

Yet, another housing expert worries about ‘death spiral’

HousingPredictor.com lists six worst performing markets of 2012

Fitch ratings foresees mild recovery for housing this year

Freddie and Core Logic share moderately optimistic outlook for 2012

Respected analyst concludes that consensus numbers too low for this year

You can search for all New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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