Weekly Roundup: Sales up here, U.S. prices low

Even with tight inventory, February had most signed contracts for the month since 2008

State says 2011 economy, jobs grew far more than previously estimated

The light that star architects shine on their buildings often dims on resale

Rental brokers face hard times as landlords cut out concessions for new tenants

Condo amenities swing from sexy to functional

February’s rental market proves to be unseasonably warm

Ranks of associate brokers swells modestly vs. sales agents in dog-eat-dog environment

U.S. Supreme Court weighs lawsuit that could upend rent regulations

Fire spurs legislation, debate about ‘illegal’ hotels

State not yet planning to delay July 1 switch to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel as heating oil

City says bonus cutbacks for Wallstreeters bigger than state’s estimate

Numbers of demo and construction permits soar to post-crash peak, but still lower than before

This is the city in which rent takes the biggest bite out of pay

A Picacco and a pad can cost the same here

Median home price in the state is highest since September

Breaking your lease could break the bank

Sale of late author’s rooms way below asking price, but sets Brooklyn record

She views her Upper West Side condo’s resale value at a conservative $3.3 million

101-year-old heiress adds estraordinary Antigua estate to properties she’s listing

Median asking prices up 3.9 percent year-over-year in early March

But average sales prices reflect accelerated decline in December

And January price index falls to post-bubble low. . .

. . . As housing affordability hits all-time high

Fed says value of household real estate down $6.75 trillion from peak and still falling

Fixed-rate mortgages remain at or near all-time lows

Shopping for a car is child’s play compared with shopping for a mortgage

Repeat foreclosures hit unprecedented high in January, suggesting movement in pipeline

Loan activity slips

‘Safe’ reverse mortgages can lead to foreclosure

‘Home Alone’ house sells for 1/3 below original asking price

Tampa (!) is the most stressful city and Minneapolis, the least

Start with $13,000 tax-free gift to help offspring buy a home

Once listed for $69.9 million, Texas chateau heads to auction with $10.3 million reserve

Investors buying tax liens reap big returns

Forbes asks whether Millennials aren’t destined to keep on renting

Rapidly improving rental markets prompt investors big and small to become landlords

Don’t waste first impressions on a terrible litter box

When upholstery gets tired, first consider lifespan of chair or sofa itself

Artful weapons can be your last line of home defense

Trade group’s indices again record positive outlook for construction of multifamily buildings

Fed: Value of household real estate has fallen $6.75 trillion from the peak and it’s not over yet

Barclays analysts see normalized housing supply in 2014, price turnaround this year

Prices could fall another 9.1 percent, according to Fitch ratings agency

Now Shiller says housing market may have hit bottom, where he expects it to linger

Bipartisan Policy Center reports that struggling Echo Boomers are future of housing’s health

You can search for all New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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