Out and About: One hard sell

Questionable kitchen of the apartment in question. (I wasn't able to do sufficient injustice in the photo to the insults that the owners heaped upon the space.)

It is one thing to stroll into “grandma’s” apartment or one with walls of vivid orange and blue or a unit with so much overstuffed furniture that breathing becomes a challenge.

It is quite another thing to walk into a co-op in which the origins of the owners’ taste are unfathomable and unalterably bad.

Although I’ve written about “the vision thing,” a limitation many buyers have when surveying a prospective purchase, I have to say that an apartment I recently viewed gave me pause.  It was hard to see past the execrable décor, for which I cannot summon a word or phrase that describes the aesthetic.

In a distinguished Central Park West building in the low 90s, the co-op is a Continue reading