At open house, you can look like Zuckerberg

Open house at Renatus Condominium project, built inside an old church in Grand Rapids., Mich. (Flickr photo by Steven Depolo)

Open houses can have a way of mystifying or misleading consumers.

Luckily, has published a blog post titled “What to Look for at an Open House.”  Although much of the information seems to me to be helpful to the novice buyer, another portion strikes me as pretty obvious.

Curbed:  Agents love when they can send you to open houses because they can multi-task with a bunch of different clients out at the same time who are essentially doing their work for them.

Malcolm:  Yes, I do love it, but not because it’s less work: I’ll be going to open houses anyway.  I love it because having buyers out looking is efficient and useful for them.  They don’t need me to point out a kitchen.

Curbed:  Check out the sign-in sheet.

Malcolm:  Whether there are many or few names is utterly meaningless in terms of gauging the competition, which can come from anywhere.  Certainly, it tells you nothing about an apartment’s value or its suitability for you.

Curbed:  Buildings have different “lines”—A Line, B Line, etc, so figure out the best ones.

Malcolm:  Who knew?

Curbed:  If you’re going to super high-class open houses, dress the part and make a day out of it.

Malcolm:  Brokers attending open houses should look professional, but that fellow in jeans could be a billionaire.  And we know it.  Can you spell Z-u-c-k-e-r-b-e-r-g?

There’s other advice with which I cannot quarrel, so the open houses virgins among you may want to give the post a gander.

Tomorrow:  Weekly Roundup

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