Weekly Roundup: Higher floor premiums, chef on the move, growing demand, record low loan rate, renovation advice, views of Fed and economists

Open house, other signs indicate market is ‘willing to stop flirting with recovery and commit wholeheartedly’

First-time foreclosures continue to decline, but trend is unlikely to last

With surging demand, Manhattan rents climb 7.1 percent higher than year ago

Flawed system caused dramatic swings in assessed value of some co-ops and condos, comptroller’s office says

Plaza’s developer negotiates $600 million sale of former hotel

Inventory gap yawns between 2012 and much higher average of prior three years

Increasing number of first-time homebuyers decide it would be cheaper — and smarter — to own rather than rent

Appraisal executive demystifies premium for higher floors

Some co-op boards becoming more comfortable with corporate ownership

U.S. attorney’s civil complaint seeks ownership of Washington Heights rental building allegedly purchased with illegal cash

Northern Westchester towns, villages vie with Hamptons for summer renters

And Long Island real estate industry finds itself accommodating numerous buyers from overseas

Celebrity chef buys SoHo penthouse

Actor’s newly listed home is a long way from Indiana

Outspoken comic/actress/TV personality seeks out of Star (Island)

After six months, TV couple decides that it isn’t home sweet Malibu for them

Refined index records 0.9 percent monthly price decline in January, implies 0.3 percent slippage in February

Rental market continues to strengthen

Fed says residential real estate activity is ‘improved’

Pent-up demand, increased affordability gives consumers incentive to buy, CoreLogic speculates

15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Hits New All-Time Record Low

Signs emerge of risky lending practices

Loan activity fades during week of two holidays

With government-supported mortgage companies making low-cost loans on rental properties, multifamily bonds attain record

Investors have easier time than others in purchase of foreclosures

Mortgage amount rises by an average of $20,000

Foreclosure filings fall to level of last quarter of 2007

Folks just nearing retirement taking out reverse mortgages to pay off debt

Vietnamese man buys Buford, Wyo. for $900,000

Consequences explored of gating a community

Famed White Oak refuge faces hard times and goes on the market

Timing key to successful renovation

You can remove pet odors underfoot, but it won’t be easy

Valuing decorative glass requires an appraiser

Americans in survey expect both rents and home prices to rise over next year

Nation’s romance with sprawl may be over

Fed’s vice chair says housing will pick up only gradually

Consensus of economists is for prices rising in 2013 — if foreclosures don’t swamp recovery

You can search privately for all New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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