Weekly Roundup: Inventory, trusts, mice, more

Despite upward trend citywide, REBNY says Q1 median prices fall behind one year earlier

But March prices in new developments are up as inventory slides

To rid your home of potentially harmful household products, head on Sunday to Union Square, other boroughs later

Residential rental buildings enjoy 34 percent increase in sales volume over a year ago

Location agents help identify homes that can smile for the camera

Combos are getting b-i-g-g-e-r in two ways

Popular new site helps vacationers find temporary homes for their dogs

Sales volume of commercial properties is up from a year ago but down for 3rd consecutive quarter

Private equity firms buying debt on small, often severely distressed rental properties in secondary neighborhoods

Contract price is highest yet for a Manhattan co-op

City turns unbroken stretch of 2,575 buildings in Park Slope into biggest historic district

Bloomberg proposal could lead to more smoking bans in residential buildings

Adjusted for inflation, monthly co-op and condo costs have hardly budged over three years

Unbuilt townhouse on lot where owner died after blowing up his home listed for $40 million

Brooklyn, Queens markets hold steady in first quarter

Median market-rate rent is $2,725 monthly below 96th Street, but stabilized is only $1,480

In sale of Soho townhouse, Beastie Boy makes out like a . . . bandit

Former Met pitcher lists Long Island home for price he paid in 2009

And current Yankee pitcher rents Midtown penthouse for $19,700 a month

Sellers’ asking prices rise 5.6 percent from March to March

Resales climb 5.2 percent above year ago, slip from February and prompt industry observers to bloviate

As for declining inventory, one expert says it’s ‘big deal’

New residential construction beats prior March by 14.6 percent and what it means

Fannie, Freddie to streamline short sales

Realtor.com finds shrinking number of listings, fresher inventory, increase in median asking prices

Many new homes now worth less than cost to build them

Chasm divides asking and purchase prices in many metros

Flood of foreclosures to hit housing market

Rates edge up to 3.9 percent

Mortgage foreclosure scams grew nearly 60 percent in 2012

Consumer credit defaults, including on first and second mortgages, fall to new post-recession low

Refi surge pushes up loan activity by 6.9 percent from week earlier

Brookings: Foreclosures could displace 8 million children

Not since the 17th century have homes of the rich been so amply fortified

It can take a village to care for an elderly relative who moves into your home

Revocable living trust is not always a sound tax strategy

Cities, metropolitan areas key levers in energy conservation and pollution

Funny critique blames reality TV for realty’s slump

Risks assessed of buying a condo in Florida

Seattle tops Travel + Leisure’s list of best cities for hipsters craving all things that are retro, artsy, a wee-bit ironic

Smoking bans must be implemented with care

Seven easy fixes for common door problems (except those menus slipped underneath)

Permits for remodeling rise 23 percent over February 2011

It’s possible to get rid of — ugh– mice in your home naturally

Crop of lifestyle bloggers helps make quick and easy work of cleaning, decorating, cooking

Fluffy selected for adoption for one reason, Fido for another

Growing number of citizens expect rents, home prices to increase in coming months

Builder confidence sinks deeper into the dumps

Consumer confidence up, sales to move slowly but steadily higher, AP concludes from interviews

Fitch expects 10 percent rise in single-family housing starts

Actions by Las Vegas developers signal city’s imminent turnaround

You can search privately for all New York City properties, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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