Many resources provide insights into best schools

Belmont High School wasn't all algebra and English, thank goodness. That's Julie and me cutting the cake to celebrate an occasion long forgotten. (Photo by Ron Kessler)

Real estate agents often are asked where the good schools are or whether a particular school is worthy.

Anyone who answers those questions is in danger of prosecution. That’s because giving schools information is likened to giving neighborhood information.

Under the Fair Housing Act, we’re not allowed to steer buyers toward or away from a “good” or a “bad” neighborhood because doing so amounts to racial discrimination.  Among other characteristics, discriminating by race is against the law on not only the federal level, but state and municipal levels as well.

For buyers in search of helpful information about public and private schools, other resources ensure that all is not lost.

I am certain that the best of all sources is other parents, whether they are known to the buyer or can be button-holed outside schools.

Failing those opportunities, there are some decent Web sites.

You may want to start with the city’s Department of Education here and here, the check the following sites, which will prove to be more or less helpful:

Collectively, the foregoing sites will make clearer to concerned parents where they want to make a new home for their family.

There is, of course, a caveat.  A number of popular public schools have waiting lists, so moving to the their neighborhood is no guarantee that the kids can enroll in them.

Tomorrow: Weekly Roundup

To take your own bite out of the Big Apple, you can privately search all available listings for a new home.

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