Say good-bye to the Salvation Army of America

A tiny, but hugely startling, legal advertisement caught my eye in the New York Times last week.

The ad was an announcement that Atty. Gen. Eric Schneiderman had named the Salvation Army of America in an action seeking dissolution of the organization to resolve an identity crisis.

My shock underscores the reason for the dissolution: Established in 1885, the Salvation Army of America is not known to have functioned since 1899. Continue reading

Bidding tops minimum for Queens homes by 36%

Single-family home at 23-31 37th St., Long Island City, fetches highest price in public administrator’s auction, going way over its minimum.

The auction Wednesday of 15 apartments and single-family homes in an estate sale by Queens Public Administrator Lois Rosenblatt will add $6.012 million to the city’s coffers.

All of the properties remaining after three apartments were routinely withdrawn before the event, which was held in the State Supreme Court building in Jamaica, found buyers.

Proceeds exceeded by $1.6 million the total of $4.412 minimum prices set by the public administrator, or 36 percent.

Although a Long Island City house that had been withdrawn from previous sales twice received the highest winning bid, $935,000, a Woodside house that went for $315,000 registered the biggest percentage gain over the minimum.

The Long Island City property went for Continue reading