The High Road: Today Show stoops to new low

Many years have passed since I started viewing the Today Show for a sample of the latest news.

Old habits, as they say, die hard, and I’m probably doomed to hang onto that one.  Enough of the pandering celebrity interviews, the glimpses into the on-camera personalities’ lives and Matt’s trips around the world.

I thought things were bad enough until Friday’s broadcast, which I had planned to ignore on this blog.  But two full days after watching a Barbara Corcoran segment, I cannot restrain myself from ranting about the shameless new low to which Today’s producers permitted themselves to stoop.

In what seemed like an endlessly long segment, Today allowed Corcoran free exposure to market her Pawling, N.Y. home nationally.  She was permitted to tour the place, enthuse about its qualities and close by inviting viewers to an open house on Sunday.

There was nothing about the segment that wasn’t about selling the place, though the producers undoubtedly would argue that the point was to give viewers an idea how to get ready for a sale.  Uh huh.

Corcoran even was able to tell the world how much lower is the asking price than what she believes her home is worth.  She said she wants to unload the house in a hurry.

Free publicity!  For one of Today’s own.

I do recall a segment years ago when Al Rocker was given time to plug his cookbook.  There have been similar plugs in the past.

But a house?

What an appalling lapse of standards.  If only it were the morning program’s only such lapse.

Tomorrow: Out and About

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