Weekly Roundup: Tax abatements, NYC’s worrisome Q2, U.S. recovery, gay neighborhoods, outdated decor, 30 richest cities and much more

Cuomo says he expects legislature to act in fall, so city retaining abated property tax levels

And appeals of property tax assessments near record number

Manhattan market verges on worried in second quarter

When seeking roommate on Craigslist, the details really matter

Landmark body approves one of three Riverside-West End Avenue historic districts, but others yet to face votes

Region’s foreclosure rate continues to grow

Neighbors rally to save historic Dutch Kills farmhouse

Condo boards growing more aggressive

Young adults moving back to Long Island after spending their post-college years in NYC

More New Yorkers call Times Square home

Foreclosure process begins with lis pendens

Harlem townhouse with unusual pedigree in danger of demolition

Awnings in front on single-family houses fading into history

Eight is the luckiest number in new developments — for a reason

No end in sight for tight inventory

Population spurt causes more growth here than in every other large city

Iron woman and architect husband paying near $10.45 asking price for L.A. showstopper

Son of late magazine magnate lists Greenwich Village townhouse for $12.95 million

Perennial U.S. Senate hopeful in Connecticut buys $4.6 million Manhattan condo

Townhouse that John Philip Sousa called home on market for $31.5 million in Greenwich Village

Evidence accumulates that housing recovering, New York Times reports

May sales of new homes soar, beating forecasts, reinforcing ‘bottom’ speculation and reassuring prognosticators

Seven-month trend of falling prices in Case-Shiller reports breaks in April

Index of contracts signed in May rises 5.9 percent from April, 13.3 percent above one year earlier

Housing market improves to a 35 percent return to normal from 19 percent a year ago, says Trulia

April prices edge up 1.1 percent to $200,000 average, just 0.1 percent below one year earlier

Phoenix, then three Florida cities top list of rising housing markets

Declining inventory ‘a significant story,’ no matter the cause, so some markets are ‘on fire’

Fixed rates match all-time lows

Some borrowers of jumbo loans trapped under water

Drop in refi applications leads to 7.1 percent decline in loan activity

Suspicious activity reports involving potential mortgage fraud declined 31 percent in Q1 from Q1 of 2011

Severely delinquent first mortgages decline 37 percent from peak levels

Reverse mortgages worry regulator for putting some borrowers in financial jeopardy

Fewer banks tighten underwriting standards

Loan interest based on Libor may have been manipulated to be too high

As if you didn’t know, Trulia lists the gayest neighborhoods in the nation

Appraisers ‘scared to death’ to report rising prices

Thorny tax code governs use of vacation homes as rentals and net income isn’t so hot anyway

After five years, residential real estate turns up in Ireland

SEC accuses Utah man of running $100 million Ponzi scheme that promised 12 percent annual returns

Continued decrease in foreclosures could help home sellers

N.J. Senate passes bill giving state ability to buy previously foreclosed vacant homes to resell or rent out

Housing crisis saps some well-to-do homeowners too

Mastermind of fraudulent mortgage-rescue business gets 90 months in prison with no change of his name from Shmuckler

Rooms need a fresh eye and a wardrobe change from time to time

All may not be lost with disappearing contractor

Ceiling fans a cool way to save money

Towels boast new features

Improved alarm clocks may not be the panacea that many consumers relish

New products can ease wireless audio transmission across technologies at home

Some numbers in home sales reports deserve more weight than others

Big changes in list of the nation’s 30 richest cities

Texas dominates list of fastest growing large cities

Nantucket is wealthiest county in the country

Two industry economists hardly pessimistic

What will a comeback look like?

Economists express common themes as housing market recovers

Onetime bear predicts that house prices will likely rise at least in step with inflation, be positive force in the economy

An expert maintains that prices have reached bottom but will be ‘choppy’ going forward

Capital Economics contends that house prices may have found their floor

Yet an unapologetic cynic remains strongly pessimistic

You have the option to search privately for all New York City properties, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I will post next on July 9.

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