Our northern neighbors seem to share our wishes

The news is hardly earth-shattering that what Canadians prefer in condos isn’t so different from buyers in the Lower 48.

But like folks in U.S., they have somewhat varied priorities, depending on where they live.

As reported in Realty Times, a survey by TD Canada Trust says good building security and low condo fees are the top features that buyers favor nationally.

By city, it’s different. In Toronto, energy efficiency and attractive interior design rank highest. (I won’t venture to fathom what “attractive” means up North.)  In Vancouver, low monthly costs top the list.

While 55 percent of Toronto respondents indicated a desire to have social activities with neighbors of similar type — I won’t guess at that meaning either — only 40 percent nationally expressed that preference.

Women were more likely than men to want a balcony and environmentally friendly features, while men were more interested in buying a new versus resale unit.

Anyone who lives in New York City and many other urban areas will enjoy the following additional findings: Approximately a third of the respondents in the national sample said they would pay up to $200 per month in condo fees; for 44 per cent, it was $400; and 17 per cent, $800.

Buyers in Toronto said they would pay the most.

Tomorrow: What’s new?

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